Hello and thanks for visiting the Saustex home page. It is being hijacked for a couple of days to help raise money for legendary Austin guitarist Davy Jones of the Hickoids, Dicks, Ideals, Diamond Smugglers, Gay Sportscasters and many others in conjunction with the 24 hour live radio marathon on STENCHRADIO.com.
To donate simply use the PayPal button below. You may donate any amount.  We are offering these donation premiums for the following amounts:
$10 or more receive a copy of the 2014 Saustex Sampler CD "The Saustex Variations"
$25 or more receive any CD or 7" of your choice on this website plus a copy of "The Saustex Variations"
$45 or more recieve any LP of your choice (black vinyl where applicable) and the sampler CD.
Donations outside USA please add $7 for a CD option or $18 for an LP option to cover shipping costs.
Please be sure to include the donation premium item you would like to receive and your MAILING address. (If the message window does not pop up you can send an e-mail to:saustexmedia(at)aol.com
with your desired item and mailing address. Please note the paypal transaction ID in your e-mail.)
Thanks in advance for your support of a true Austin Music treasure!