The first night of this year's ACLF will kick it with some standard bearers of the corn. These names should be no stranger to regular attendees...

Friday October 6th, 2017
The White Horse
500 Comal St., Austin, TX 78702
21+, $5 Cover, Doors at 8:30

9pm The Poor Dumb Bastards - Houston's PDB's have been going places where no civilized individuals dare for around a quarter of a century. They still deliver the goods with style, funny punk verve, zero class and no sensitivity.
9:45pm Pocket FishRmen - The PF's seamlessly tackle a variety of topical issues ranging chimpanzee on human violence, prostate cancer, drugs and Amy Carter during the course of a set - all cast against a rock hard, metal tinged prog-punk soundtrack.
10:30pm Hickoids with a special appearance by Frontier Dan - we'll skip the intro on the Hickoids and talk about the real star of this set. Frontier Dan is coming to us direct from Little Rock. The manic Frontier Circus singer/guitarist and theremin artist joined the
Hickoids twice onstage during a run through the mid-South earlier this year. His abilities are unmatched. 'The Arkansas Twist' owes it popularity to one man and one man only. The ladies swoon and the fellas all want to be him.
11:15pm Roger Wallace - This Knoxville native and Antone's Record Shop counterman was kind enough to let the Fiesta horn in on his regular monthly engagement at the White Horse, one he has held since the opening of the venue. He recently recorded a live album at the club and also found out that Doug Sahm was among his admirers. If he was good enough for Doug he should be good enough for you.
Midnight Pat Todd & The RankOutsiders - In an alternate universe that placed a premium on talent and heart former Lazy Cowgirls singer Pat Todd would be rich and famous. Fortunately for us Pat still continues to churn out songs and albums and will be performing with his Los Angeles based RankOutsiders this night at an intimate venue.
1am The Sons of Hercules -San Antonio's SOH offer the perfect nightcap. Frank Pugliese and company never fail to deliver the goods. Inspired by American punk pioneers like the Stooges, New York Dolls and Dead Boys, their originals stand up to their heroes. You will go home satisfied.


It is with great pride that ACLF is bringing you John "Drumbo" French - drummer and composer of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band in an exclusive North American appearance, and in his first Texas performance since the 1970's. This will be the first ever Corn Lovers event at Threadgill's (on the site of the fabled Armadillo World Headquarters)...we hope the evening engenders the spirit of an era when quality, genre stretching acts shared bills.
Saturday October 7th, 2017
Threadgill's World Headquarters
301 W. Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704
All ages, $15 advance/$20 at the door, Doors at 7:00, show at 7:30
We're also offering a very limited "Meet, Greet and Eat with Drumbo" post-show package. It will be limited to 20 individuals and includes show admission, a meal with John and limited edition 2017 Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta t-shirt for $80 - a deal in any universe!

7:30pm Harvey McLaughlin Show Band feat. The Caligulettes -The former frontman for The Hares will be showcasing material from his upcoming January Saustex solo debut album. The piano-based work harkens back to artists like Warren Zevon and Randy Newman with a rowdy, vintage New Orleans R&B edge.
8:20pm Count Vaseline - Irishman Stefan Murphy (of The Mighty Stef) will take things in an entirely different direction as he plays tunes from his upcoming November Saustex release 'Tales From The Megaplex' - a snarky and intelligent blast of proto-post-punk.
9:00pm Churchwood -One of Austin's greatest yet largely unsung live and recorded bands will bring it hot and heavy. For the uninitiated the shorthand on their sound is that it combines the lyrical intensity of Nick Cave or Tom Waits with an obtusely yet beautifully angled avant-garde blues meets garage style. In a review of the August vinyl release of their latest album 'Hex City' reviewer Dan Forte wrote in Vintage Guitar Magazine: The music is challenging, often hypnotic, usually undance-able, but occasionally actually radio-friendly. "Original" is an understatement.
10:10pm John "Drumbo" French -This year's big out of town headliner has actually been a year and a half in the works. French's contribution to the early albums by Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band, "Safe as Milk" (1967), "Strictly Personal" (1968), "The Mirror Man Sessions"(1969), "Trout Mask Replica" (1969), "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"(1970) "Bat Chain Puller"(1976), and "Doc at the Radar Station" (1980 -- where he mostly assumed the role of guitarist) simply cannot be understated. Steadfast and uncompromising in his approach he is an outsider's outsider. His work with Van Vliet (Beefheart) represented a warp speed mind-blown button in the midst of an era where the hippie "revolution" was rapidly being co-opted. The multi-instrumentalist will front a band assembled and led by Churchwood's Bill Anderson and concentrate on material from the early Magic Band albums.
The Fiesta is happy to be offering a free show this year at ABGB. Y'all come!

Friday October 13, 2017
1305 W. Oltorf St.
Austin, TX 78704
All ages, No cover, doors and show at 7 (ends at midnight)

7pm Rennie & The Banned Names -This will be Ms. Elliot's debut appearance. The film and video editor's face will be familiar to those who've been around the Austin punk scene the past quarter century but this will mark a departure as she crosses the fourth wall and becomes a performer. Expect some mountain music with a modern vibe.
8pm The Winsome Losers - Fronted by Brad Turner, drummer for one-time Austin indie throbs El Flaco and more recently San Antonio's In & Outlaws, the new act showcases his strong songwriting and unassuming presence.

9pm Hickoids - The hosts of the Fiesta will be serving up a more sizable helping of the corn this night than the previous Friday. You can't take the taste out of tasteless.
10:30pm The Beaumonts - The Beaumonts, fairly fresh off their West Coast tour with The Grannies make their debut appearance at ABGB. It will be interesting to see how the smell of a Lubbock feed lot goes with the taste of pizza and microbrew. And hey, it will be Friday the 13th - what could possibly go wrong?

The last night of this year's Fiesta will feature some hard rocking ladies who rock real hard at Austin's home of all things heavy - The Lost Well.
Saturday October 14, 2017
The Lost Well
2421 Webberville Rd.
Austin, TX 78702
21+, $10 at the door, Doors at 8 show at 9pm.

9pm The Guillotines - Featuring one of my favorite punk couples Jules and her lovely husband Bill DeGidio (of legendary Cleveland act The Pagans) this band comes from Houston with a recent LP release 'Heads Will Roll" on Danish label Just 4 Fun Records. Tough stuff indeed.
10pm One Good Lung - Fronted by the alluring and assaultive Aimee Lane, Austin's One Good Lung meet you at the corner of garage and doom. Lane never delivers a less than balls out performance that leaves audience and band happily bruised. Rated extra tough.
11pm DiNola - Another one of my favorite couples on the circuit, Sue and her lovely husband Jimmy (one time Richard Hell manager and proprietor of The Jimmy Ford Clinic) bring a brand of desert rock that owes less to the current doom movement and more to 70's heavy British blues bands ala Trapeze. Their New Orleans roots shine through with hard rock that does not forget to roll. They have a new Dave Catching produced album titled 'Up High'. Tougher than alligator jerky with the skin on.
Midnight Sabbath Crow - Kristen "Crowfire" and her lovely man J. "Crow" front this act along with drummer Jeff Chavez. The couple fled New Orleans after Katrina and in the meanwhile have become the heart of the scene surrounding the Lost Well with a sound that boogies in a thunderous manner. Sweeter and tougher than a two year old Halloween-sized bag of Bubble Pop singles.
1am Heather Leather - This band of sisters from San Antonio's hardscrabble Westside have been around almost 35 years, including a half-decade chasing the dream in Hollywood. Inspired by a diet of heavy metal and hard rock from legendary 1970's and 80's independent heavy metal and and hard rock station KMAC/KISS (dual AM/FM), these ladies look and sound better than ever. Nothing to prove, puro tough.